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Creating a private championship

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Hi there!

I am the representative of kinda big group of simracers in Poland, and we're trying to do some rally in DR 2.0, but we have some problems and I hope there are people who can help. So, my goal is to have a rally champsionship via our specific website, but I have no idea how to get results from the game. Second problem is how to make a championship or even a single event. In DiRT Rally 2.0 there are two ways - first, my favourite, is the online multiplayer where everybody drive stages in the same time with no restarst. Very big problem of this solution is that the lobby can hold up a maximum of 8 players, which is too small.

Second way i championship on racenet/DiRT website after creating club and so on, by i really don't want to go that way because of 1) cheaters, 2) it's way more fun when everybody is driving on the same day and hour.

Second way is much less problematic beacuse I can take results from website, but I just explained why i don't wan to go that way. Anyone had a similar problem and found a solution?

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What you want is not really possible.

There is no API or something to show data from the DR2 website on your website.
If you want data on your own website, you need to put that yourself.

I think you have the following options:
1 - Organize a custom online event, and make sure others join at that point. You can make screenshots of the results. From the screenshot you can show the final result on your website.
2 - You can create a club event. You can say that the event is open for maximum 1h30m as you can see in my screenshot below. This way you can make sure people cant practice between stages, as there is just no time for it. I think this might be the closest thing to real life.
You could also use it different a recreate an 3-day event.
--- So day 1 is event 1/3, got 4 stages. and it takes 30 minutes.
------ If you finish after 20 minutes. than you got 10 minutes break for the next round of stages, which is day 2.
--- So day 2 is event 2/3, got again 4 stages, and it takes 30 minutes.
--- So also for day 3, which is event 3/3, and it also takes 30 minutes.
- If someone not finishes on day 1 or 2, he gets superrally.
- The end result is the time calculated together of all three days (events).

About the cheat, i dont think you cant avoid that, if it is online together or with clubs.



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