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Melbourne Setup


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Hi all,

I feel like giving up on this game. I am playing with a dual shock on PS4 without assists.

I cannot seem to go below 1:31 per lap with fuel, ERS and DRS assists on. I am very unhappy with the handling and braking, too.

The setup tutorial is also very confusing for me. I have deleted Dirt Rally 2.0 already.

Does anyone know how to be competitive on a controller please?


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1. Try turning off all your your remaining assist. 

2. Use setups from HERE 

3. I personally have throttle linearity at 100

Thats about it really. DRS,ERS,FUEL  usage at the right time can easily knock down that time of yours. I recommend going into time trials with a setup from above and if your trying to improve in “Solo Career” or “My-Team” MAKE SURE YOU FIND A SETUP WITH THE SAME  ENGINE then go to time trials. Lastly turn on Overtake hold in the menu (in controller settings last tab)

It’s gonna take time to get use too and you might have to reconfigure your controller into something more comfortable but you’ll get there!

Good Luck!

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