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More practice time to learn the tracks


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Hey you all. I hope you and your love ones stay safe from the virus. 

Anyway, my name is Clayton and for my 64th birthday which is today June 16, my son and daughter got me a Play Station 4.

I used to have an Xbox one but I had to sell it a couple years ago.

One of my favorite Xbox  games besides Mortal Kombat is F1 2016 which I was able to download to my Play Station.

It's a little bit different than Xbox. Xbox doesn't give you a laptop and there are few other options Play Station offers that Xbox doesn't.

One thing Xbox 2016 offers is unlimited practice laps so you can learn how to drive the race track before you feel your ready enough to join a race and qualify.

Seems Play Stations version only gives you 3 practice sessions to learn the race track before you have to qualify for a race. 

Don't know about any of you but I can't seem to get the hang of it with just 3 practice sessions before a race. 

Any suggestions?


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