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T300 RS no FFB


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Sent an email to support asking for advice on solving the T300 problems and this is their reply.
Do they think we're all idiots and don't already know the basics of setting up a wheel.
I've been driving all kinds of racing titles for over 15 years and not one has given me the frustration that F1 2015 does.

Thank you for submitting your recent request to Codemasters Customer Services concerning F1 2015.

Firstly make sure that your controller is plugged in and functioning correctly in Windows and that you have downloaded and installed the latest drivers for the device from the manufacturer's website. You should also ensure that no schemes or profiles are running for your controller. If you are using a steering wheel, we recommend that you use the 'separate' axis options for your pedals, rather than the 'combined' option. See your wheel documentation for further information on this.

A) From the game's main menu select "My F1", “Settings”, "Customise Controls" then "Driving Controls"

B) Now use the arrow (cursor) keys on your keyboard to change the “Input Device” from the "Keyboard" option to your controller. If you have one of the officially supported controllers (listed in the readme) then it should be automatically recognised and you will be able to choose between each of the preset control layouts under “Control Preset”.

C) If your controller is not recognised or you wish to use a different control layout choose the "Custom" option under "Input Device" and then press F1 to create a custom control layout.

D) To configure your controller in the "Custom" screen do as follows:

1) Press Enter on the game action that you want to configure, and "Waiting for input" will appear. This shows that the game is waiting for you to input the controller action that you want.

2) Perform the appropriate controller action (e.g. press the accelerator) and it will appear in place of "Waiting".

3) Repeat the above steps for all the actions you want to set up.

4) When you're finished back out (with Escape)

5) Your profile should be saved and your controller should now work in the game.

E) For an explanation of the Advanced Wheel Settings and the Force Feedback options, please see the readme.

Kind regards


Codemasters Customer Services

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