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F1 Press Conference Location


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Hi guys,


loved the new Features Trailer yesterday!


Does anyone know if the driver’s press conference location will be in the career and MyTeam modes as well or just Braking Point? I think this would be a perfect place for the press interview questions to take place from time to time before a race weekend as your player sits alongside other drivers. Would definitely be more immersive and would freshen up the questions if someone like Coulthard or Crofty could ask questions, especially as both are in the game now and so the interviews in real life. 

I couldn’t determine if this was available in the above modes. 


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I think it's purely Braking Point storyline only as Ocon appears prevalently in that mode by the looks of it. Ocon is known for playing the game, as is Norris and with the pandemic meaning they were twiddling their thumbs for a while, i think it gave them opportunities to assist in a faux-interview environment. I don't think this will carry over into Career and MyTeam. 

I think Interviews are the same as this year where Claire asks pointless and annoying questions and rolls her eyes at you when you say No Comment. 

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