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PS4 Pro Port Forwarding, Which is Correct?

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What is the CORRECT Port Forwarding for F1 2020, I have seen both on this site as being correct, so which is it?

Version 1:

80(TCP), 443(TCP), 3478(TCP and UDP), 3479(TCP and UDP), 3480(TCP)

Version 2:

TCP: 1935,3478-3480  UDP: 3074,3478-3479

I have also tried both with the same negative result.


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Sony updated PS4 SW after I had posted this and everything is finally working the way it should and has been stable since.

The ports that I am using are TCP 80, TCP 3478, UDP 3478, UDP 3479, TCP 3480

That is with my PS in a Network DMZ and using Google DNS.  

So with the Sony SW change I have no clue what worked because once it was working I was not going to try and recreate the problem to figure out exactly what was causing the problem.

If any one is on Xfinity/Comcast and are having issues with your PS staying connected, PM me for what I did.


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