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Dirt Rally 2.0 feels like it helps you turn...


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It has bothered me for so long, this is especially noticable in Rallycross. It feels like you get into this pre-determined "groove" and get locked in. I drive in the dirt aggressively in real life and I am fully aware you can get in a groove and there are "best" lines to take on any given course. This being said, there are flat or off-camber turns that just feel like the game is grabbing your car and placing it where it feels your car should be. 

A prime example is the double 90° turn before the finish on the Canada RX track. It just feels wrong. I am speaking specifically with a wheel setup.

Rally feels much better but there are times when I feel I have braked too late and should go off the course but the game seems to slingshot me right back to the groove.

I don't get this feeling from other racing games. I currently play WRC 8/9, Dirt Rally 2.0, Assetto Corsa, Richard Burns Rally (NGP Modded), and BeamNG. EVEN Gran Turismo didn't feel like it was aiding the driver to this degree.

I also tear up dirt in real life.



Does anyone else feel the same? I have sunk well over 300 hours into Dirt Rally/Dirt rally 2.0 so I feel I can speak on this. To be clear, I am not saying this game is "easy mode" it can be as difficult as you want but it does feel like it has questionable physics that don't seem to always remain consistent.

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