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Hello, I've never played this game before, only watched someone play it (from the same room) and from what I gathered it's a hard g 192.168.l.l ame, and a rage game? I can deal with those btw :) but then again they "rage" during non-rage games as well, cuz they're a serious gamer. But the point: Got any tips?  routerlogin

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If you have a wheel, pedals and have driven a car before, no it is not hard on the easy levels and assists on, you can adjust it all in game to suit your needs  If you use a controller, I do not know, never played with one before someone else will will have to comment on that.  A basic understanding of F1's basic rules and flow of a race weekend helps too but not necessary.  Rage does not help in this game either, calm and smooth wins races.

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