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Tyre Wear Bug


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Hi Codemasters, I've been playing F1 2015 alot recently and there has been a bug that has forced me to restart championship season over and over and its frustrating. I have found the tyre wear bug to be absurd not only because it does not reset when I restart session or continue season after my F1 unexpectedly crashes. Also, I have found that my tyres seem to be going off too quickly. For example, I have had option tyres that immediately start showing signs of wear after 1/2 a lap. How am I supposed to meet the race strategy? It seems that there is LITERALLY NOTHING I can do to solve this, other than to restart the season and only to be continually plagued by this frustrating bug again and again. I am unable to progress past China since the bug is just plagueing my game. Please help, its so frustrating!
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