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G920 issues w/F1 2020


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I'm not sure what to make of the need to rotate the wheel, in tight corners and in 1st gear, more than twice effectively preventing upshift or downshift as the paddles are flipped???  I set the Ghub range to 360 and in Ghub the wheel feels great.  Moving left and right feels sturdy and tight.  However when I get into the game it's loose and incredibly difficult to use.  I set the default to F! 2020 in Ghub but no change.  I can't find any settings inside the F1 2020 program to bring the same feel to the wheel?  Apparently something is wrong and I haven't the slightest idea how to correct this.  Is there something in F1 2020 that needs to be set to direct the change made in Ghub to function in F1 2020???

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