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podium pass in F1 2020 - to be continued or finished with season 6?


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Hi all,

this is a question which I think many of us want answered by the dev team:

  • With the release of the new game, what will happen to podium pass seasons in F1 2020 in the future? Is season 6 the final season? Or will the podium pass seasons continue?

I am mainly asking because a lot of us are saving their pitcoins in order to be able to buy the upcoming season (with like 9.000 coins or what it was). But if there was no upcoming seasons any more, it would be better to spend these savings on a few items. It has been stated before that coins cant be carried over into the new game, which is perfectly logical, but then again you want to find out what to do best with your coins within the old game version.

Sidenote: Currently in season 6 of the podium pass, my game shows that the next podium pass will arrive in 357.000 days 😄 Should we be able to upload our conscious into some databank within the next years, I will come back for this in the year 3.000 ad no matter what 😛

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Wait 357,000 days and find out 😄 

(nah in all seriousness I think the current series is the final one, that number of days is probably the only feasible way to make something infinite without patching new logic into the game)

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