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I think they should set up a mini game that would suggest a difficulty for each circuit. 

For example you run 5 laps in a specific car and at the end it takes your lap times and gives you a recommended difficulty to be running that circuit at.

This would help new players and players at the beginning of each new game to help start out at the right difficulty

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I wouldn't mind this, I'd play offline a bit more if the difficulty swings weren't so wild and didn't take additional work to balance. 

They could make it part of the practice program really, where you have to run say 5 clean laps and it'll ive you a suggested difficulty based on your lap time and position of your team in car development. 

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Not actually a terrible idea. A complete newbie would be awkward for the first 5 laps though before they get used to the track and get better.

So if they did 5 inexperienced laps before a 50% race and it thought they would be suitable for 50AI and sets it at that then during the race as they get used to it they'll soon be needing a 80AI or they'll be going past the other teams in a slower car as the AI is below their level.  They could move it themselves to 80 to pre-empt that but they'd be swamped in the first few laps and be on the backfoot from the off. 

Progressive and dynamic AI during a race wouldn't really work as they'd always match your speed so you'd finish in the same place every race.

The idea is good though and worth thinking about for more experienced players who have good tracks and bad tracks. For example, they can do 110 at Zandvoort but struggle with 100 at Shanghai. Just to find their balance between tracks.

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