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using tags for your topics in the setups forum

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Hi all,

coming from the F1 2020 forums, I noticed that the "setups" forum section there is not the easiest to overlook, nor to dig out what you really need - a setups forum section could use either subforums, or guidelines and / or a sticky, how to best organize your postings / create your thread titles within the setups section. There would be several issues to keep an eye on:

  1. A clarification what "setups" within this section is standing for. Naturally your 1st thought are "car setups", as there will be a large demand to share those among players. But looking at the F1 2020 setups forums, there are a lot of players writing about the setup they are gaming with, may it be their simracing rig, or the various menu settings for the game, like setting up their controller, wheels or similar.
  2. Given that "setup" in this forum section stands for all of the above, you should try and include a tag into topic titles, that clarifies what you want to talk about. A working approach might be [car] for car setups, [rig] to talk about your simracing rigs / hardware, and [menu] to chat about which GPU settings or controller setups would work best.
  3. F1 2021 will provide several game modes, and car setups for each game mode might turn out to be pretty different. To reflect this, you should use the appropriate tag, like [trial] for setups in time trial, [multi] for setups in multiplayer races, [career] for F1 career setups, [F2] for setups for the feeder series, [myteam] for your myteam setups etc.
  4. F1 2021 features 20+ circuits to race on, so you will want to include a tag for the circuit in question, like [AUS] Australia, [JPN] Japan, [CHN] China and so on.
  5. You also might want to distinguish between track conditions, or sessions using the tags [wet], [dry], [50%] for shorter races e.g.
  6. In addition, some players might want to provide guides, or setups which would be suitable for more than one track, or might be useful as a base to start working from, [guide], [alltracks], [base]

To give a few examples for thread titles for the setups forum following the suggestions above, they would look something like this:

[car, myteam, JPN, 50%, wet] Please help! Rain in Suzuka season1 myteam

[car, guide, alltrack, F2] Collection of my setups for your F2 championship

[menu, PC] Looking for wheel settings TS300

[car, wet, alltrack, base] What to do versus understeer?

[rig, menu] triple monitor setup on F1 2021

I bet you can come up with more / better ideas how to organize this forum section better than last year's, just shoot and let me know in this thread.

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