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Unlocked tyre allocation

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If we have a tyre allocation that is unlocked from Fp1, it would really improve the game. For example, in Fp1 we can choose from our entire 13 sets, maybe a track is hard on tyres so we want to save mediums and hards for the race then we can do that and use softs for the rest of the weekend. This was partly in F1 2019 where from Fp1 tyres upto qualifying were unlocked. Please consider this. Thanks

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In 2020 we could choose between softer - balanced - harder allocations before entering a race weekend, but for some reason I can't find it in this game. With a lower tier car there's no point in me having a medium tyre, I'd much rather have my second soft tyre back from 2020. Unless this is in the game and I just haven't found how to change it yet?

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