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Online Bugs


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I would like to text you to explain you why our online championship are stopped at the moment.

Online bugs:

- Fuel; (Quality & Free Practice 18min) Chose 5l fuel and when you go to track your car changes fuel to 60litres. And can´t change it. video:

- Tires: I change tires in qualifying but it doesn´t change. I can click on it but when i come back to box is the first pack of tires again. Then, when I go to race the pack of tires is the same as qualy, not new and it doesn´t let me change.

- Setup: Can´t load my setup in qualifying then I have to chose one of the machine. When I go to race I can change it if parc ferme is OFF but the car runs like the machine setup.

- Cutting corners: I thing that It has to be the same as TT. If you cut, time is failed. If not, if you see Monza, I can cut all the track with advertences and it doesn´t penalize my lap, Then I could go fast without penalization. Same as race.

- Lag: Sometimes is Horrible. I can´t see people in the mini-map and they are there. Or sometimes the point is there but not the real driver. Or somethimes someone goes 1st when the other goes in the same position...... etc...

- Cars: They are not equals. Someones run more than others.

- Starts: The car jumps to another one.

- Yellow flags: lots of them and nothing happened on track.

- Illegal overtakings...

- Penality for the car who is crashed, not for the car who crashs...

An more bugs that we find every time we "try" to have a good time... Please... find a solution for than because this is making impossible to organize online competitions as we did with the other games.


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