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I think we need a WEC game. Please codemasters listen to this. We need a WEC game and codemaster is the best race game maker and got the title GRID, i think to give GRID a boost it needs  to be a WEC game. GRID has already the GTE class for the game and need only the LMP1 and 2 class. The game needs a big make over more like the f1 game with a myteam. We need to futhers like lights on/off, wiphers on/off, Dynamic time and weather, refulling, tyers, and a window wash or the foil of the windows, repair, swap drivers and i hope dis is al be able to do. The races need to be 6 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps🇧🇪, 6 Hours of Fuji🇯🇵, 6 Hours of Monza🇮🇹, 8 Hours of Bahrai🇧🇭, 8 Hours of Portimão🇵🇹, 24 Hours of Le Mans🇫🇷, 6 Hours of Mexico🇲🇽, 4 Hours of Siverstone🇬🇧, 4 Hours of Shanghai🇨🇳 and 6 Hours of São Paulo🇧🇷. The drivers are much more inportant beacause you got in myteam you need bee some classes drivers of a bronze,silver,gold and platinum ranking and you need 5 drivers to make the team, thats cool. We need to have much drivers and much cars and with myteam you can buy 2 cars 1 for your team and 1 for the other to race in and you can buy engens. If you got some quistions her is a good filmpje about WEC. Please codemasters make a WEC game listen to this and make the game. It is goin a asome game please listen and make it.


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Motorsport Games has the license until 2031. They will release a Le Mans 24h videogame ( included WEC championship possibly) early access on PC at 2022 and console versions at 2023.

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