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[PC] F1 2021, AFR Season 1 (North/Central/South America) - Weds 8:30pm EST US


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We are Americas Alliance Formula Racing (AFR) and we are currently recruiting for our first official season in F1 2021. We encourage players of all skill levels looking for fun and fair racing to join our friendly, growth focused community. We are committed to serving drivers from North, Central and South America looking for fun clean racing. 

Check us out at our DISCORD - Ask for anyone on staff or just come chat/hangout with us! 

We have started our signups process. Team and teammate selections starting July 28!

Some basic information;

We offer:
Streaming for every race with a team of experienced broadcasters.

Clean, concise, and fair ruleset with a dedicated team of stewards.
Fair and fun racing for everyone. 
Full discord support, with active community and moderators.
Telemetry Data Tracking for live sessions.

Full qualifying comparison tool: Find out where you lose time to your competitors with granular throttle, brake and gear plots (FREE)

Race Info:
Wednesdays - 8:30PM EST
Short Qualifying
50% Race
All assists disallowed

Check out season 1 schedule,

PRE SEASON RACES, 08/04 and 08/11

Thank you for your time, I see you all on track!



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