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Choice of races in career mode


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1 minute ago, Simplmitch said:

Agreed this needs to be added, and the option to have 2 races at 1 track just like they've done in real life.

I only just read your post properly, I haven't played but I don't think you can do that stuff. 

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1 hour ago, Gladystonff said:

How is the choice of races in career mode?  Can you choose the number of races and the order of the tracks?  Example: putting Australia in the first race, or Bahrain before Abu Dhabi.

20 races (probably 23 when imola, portimao and jeddah get into the game), 16 and 10 i think, correct me if im wrong.

And you can't change the order neither use 2 races in 1 track probably because licenses

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