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     First let me clarify why I just don't go out and pickup a good driving wheel for my PC.  I have always driven real cars and trucks using hand-control levers which hang just below and to the left side of the steering wheel because I cannot use my legs for gas, brake, or clutch.  The lever is pushed down toward the brake pedal on the floor for braking, and toward my knew for throttle.  So far, I've not been able to find a PC wheel that allow for any alternate brake and throttle control than with included pedals except for a specialty version that costs more than my computer itself!  So of course that is not a solution. 

     Due to this problem I've always used a Joystick control for driving, with the very best one, ( believe it or not ), being the Microsoft Precision Pro 2!  Most others being designed for Flight sims have never been as good as the Pro 2 for any number of reasons like not having a control button or lever in the best or near best position for me which happens to be very low on the controller base and to the left and just above the platform base, and/or a lack of Force feedback!  The Precision Pro 2 has good tight auto-centering, force feedback, and four buttons in the correct position.  Of course an analog brake would be better, but that's asking a lot!  My Precision Pro 2 just happened to break a few months back, leaving me with a controller that not only has no Force Feedback now, but no centering either!  It just flops around and THAT is really tough to drive with! 

     Problem with the Precision Pro 2 is that it's no longer in production, and without buying a used one, the best price I've found is near $600!

     There is available a Precision Pro Wheel and many others which would mount easily to my computer desk, but without using the pedals I'd have to re-map at least 2 buttons, and they must be at a position I can handle while steering at the same time, and so far I've not found this to be available either.  In the descriptions they sometimes say and show buttons I might be able to reach with my thumbs while holding the wheel, but I can't be sure, especially when in an extreme turn!  Triggers set into the wheel at the correct positions might also work, but descriptions and/or information I've found are not very precise either making it difficult to select any.

     So I guess what I'm asking is if anyone knows of a good controller like the Precision Pro 2, or knows where to find one at a more "normal" price, or a wheel that has buttons where they might actually work while driving and that can be remapped from the pedals, or at least might allow me to customize it in some way to provide for brake and throttle control where and how they might work for me.  At the very least maybe someone knows how I can use the Precision Pro 2 I already have by making it center itself again either by fixing the Force feedback or leaving it disconnected and customizing the auto-centering in some other way!

     I could really use some help and/or suggestions guys, and will greatly appreaciate anything anyone can say!       

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