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(PC) F1 2015 advanced wheel settings for keyboard and/or PS3 controller


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Following the 27/08/2015 patch we finally can access the advanced wheel settings for keyboards and controllers and therefore I opened this topic to ask for any relevant information the community could give me regarding the advanced wheel settings options to use on a keyboard and/or the PS3 controller.

I can't really drive with any driving assists turned off on a keyboard or a PS3 controller (specially the traction control) and so I'm thinking if I tweaked the advanced wheel settings I could drive with some of them off (at least the brake assist turned off). With that assist turned off on the keyboard and the controller, I have to press the brake key/button to the fullest and still brake too late because there's too much braking deadzone (I think deadzone is the right term for this). Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance.
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