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CSGB Racing Season 5 - PS4/5 - F1 2021 - Unique Feature Race/Sprint Race format


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CSGB Racing Season 5 Registration is OPEN!

CSGB Racing is looking for drivers of all skills and abilities from the most seasoned of drivers to rookies as we look to expand to three divisions for Season 5 on F1 2021.

Events take place from Monday to Wednesday starting at 19:00 (UK time) and consist of:
     - A short qualifying session (18 minutes)
     - Feature Race (50%) - Top 10 score points
     - Sprint Race (25%) - Top 8 score points - Grid determined by reversing the top 12 finishers from the Feature Race.

All divisions have the same assist restrictions:
     - Braking assist - OFF
     - Traction Control - MEDIUM (at most)
     - Pit/ERS/DRS assists - OFF

The format and rules are subject to confirmation ahead of the start of the new season, for which the Qualifier is scheduled for the Monday 9th - Wedneday 11th August.

For more information, including the Season 5 registration form, please join the Discord server here - https://discord.gg/887vpbVfYd

Other Links
Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/csgb_racing - home of all CSGB Racing Events LIVE
Twitter - https://twitter.com/CSGB_Racing 

Hope to see you on the grid on F1 2021!


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