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Lack of In-between 'Race Session' Settings changes like in F1 2020 and older games

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Issue - no more "pause" button in load screens like on F1 2020 and recent F1 games where user can change any settings (minus parc ferme and things that should be locked) just before loading up a session.

Was able to do this in any Practice, Quali or Race session. Be it My Team, Online even to change assists or anything very quickly on the fly in between loading. 

Means a user can't change assists or something if they made a mistake for e.g. - I do an online career, change settings from my offline xp, load back into offline xp a day later, and forget and now my settings are stuck with the ones I forgot to change before leaving the laptop space of My Team. 

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As far as I can tell they haven't removed the option, in the screen where you advance to the next session you have a box on the right of the screen. The upcoming sessions are listed, at this point you can change them before you advance to the next stage. AI levels can be changed by highlighting the bottom options and going to settings. Not an issue , they just changed the screens

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It's not a bug but it is a serious regression.

AI levels are all over the place track to track so I used to go into a session and quit and start again a lot until it was right. Now, once you go to the session, that's it, your stuck on that difficulty for that session, even if you quit.

Really, really, frustrating!!!

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