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I've listed these before in the 2020 forum before release but now I've played a few races I'll write my list again here:

1. Allow us to use the My Team Icons avatars, helmets, audio names for our own driver. Would be nice to use them in driver career too.

1b. An option for the Icons to be recruitable by the AI.

2. Allow us to set our starting cash/team acclaim in My Team. Again, would be nice to be able to use the icons at the start of the game.

3. Allow us to turn off drivers retiring. After a quick rush of season 1 to test a few things, Vettel and Kimi retired immediately. Would be nice to keep our favourite drivers around for a few seasons.

4. Related to above, allow us to turn off driver transfers.

5. Allow us to edit driver stats in game.

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4 hours ago, GBPolesitter said:

Would be nice if we could arrange the calendar in a different order and have 2 of the same GP

This would be good too, yes. Especially when the other tracks are added, will be interesting to see if they turn it into a 23 race career or if it stays at 20 and you pick and choose which tracks you race on.

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