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Error Code 2631071469:S


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i get this error code when i tried to conecting whit the online servers 

this is the error code 2631071469:S

this is the report code AEXJ-RHVS-TAEC-XXMG

a body from my has the same problem 


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23 minutes ago, Wlad2110 said:

There are guys getting these issues since 9 and more days since the beta already.

Calm everybody and let them Codemasters do their work, I have been annoyed already a lot but this won't help us at all

Tonight's issue was different:

BBC News - Major websites hit by global outage


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14 hours ago, Snapster90 said:

It's annoying to buy the legendary add-on to have 3 days earlier access to the game and then experience the issue which is basically freezing the game after the blue screen. ... and you still can't play it... 

Totally agree. We should be getting more as a bandage on our wallet wounds

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These are the lags that come up every 10 seconds in the Menu or in Video sequences. Even while i Just play offline, because i have the error Code of this thread and can‘t Even connect. It’s Just in F1, in fifa i can Even play online without a Problem. Could this je solved, if Microsoft will finally Release the Update for 1.0.4?

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I bought the deluxe edition of F1 2021 and STILL haven't been able to play online modes (ALL of them) This is really annoying as I have two friends waiting to do co-OP career mode and I also am involved in 3 Racing Leagues which I havent been able to participate in. Usually I have been able to join a session and once I'm in the OSQ or on the grid waiting to start, I get the message "Migrating Host" and then everyone else leaves/disconnects.

Since today, when I load into the game I get the error code 2631071469:S --- with the message, "ONLINE SERVICES ERROR - Failed to connect to online services. Please try again in a few moments." Hitting the retry button doesnt work and I have also uninstalled and reinstalled the game, I have used a wired and wireless connection, my NAT type is open. My report code is : DDDX-DGCT-XXAC-GXEG --- I really hope you can fix this soon as its really annoying or I'll be looking for my money back. Heres a clip of my POV of what happens when I load into a race https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/joe0c5/video/140303723 


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