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Error Code 2631071469:S

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3 hours ago, HillF1 said:

As of 8:55 pm EST. I am having the same issue and error code on pc. All other online services in other games work fine. Just codemasters again. 

Yep 9'50p.m. MST on ps4 same error

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The servers were down for codemasters as a whole last night. You werent even able to access the forums or website. This was from about 10pm UK time and lasted all evening until someone got to work this morning to turn it off and back on again. An 8 hour plus outage and not a word from anyone about it on codemasters/eas side. When fifa has issues for an hour or more they extend online competitions and are very reactive to respond and fix it. Why nothing from anyone about this?


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I had same error with freezing game issue and just found out solution working for me... unplug ethernet cable or/and turn off WiFi or just switch to offline mode on your console, start game offline, after you are in menu, plug in cable or turn on WiFi/online mode and its done, no more freezing, no more network connectivity issue... Hope it will work for you guys

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10 hours ago, Kelsier said:

My Game freeze every 5-10 sec. and I got this error code. 

Here is the reportcode: 


I'm playing on xbox series x

I had the same issue. When i switched from LAN to Wireless connection i didn’t have any freezes anymore.

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31 minutes ago, gordonian said:

Just fix the problems we all paid good money and cant play the game i'm considering taking it back

Ignore me - got threads mixed up!

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On 8/5/2021 at 10:50 PM, LtWerner said:

I have server connection problems and the game is lags the whole time and nothing is possible 

my report code is ECPJ-VKTH-CARA-GDEG

Since I changed from Lan to wlan, I haven't any problems. 

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I have the same problem with the same error code basically since the start of the game. Some days I can connect after trying for 10 minutes just clicking retry again and again. But most of the time the game just would not connect to the servers at all. Can you please take a look at it ?

Report code is TJSA-VCXE-RATC-GTJG

Thank for the help 🙂

btw the game is cool it’s just the servers man…

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