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DRS when ahead of trailing car - PS4

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On Multiple occasions (3-4) I have received DRS when I am ahead of a car by less than a second. On the most recent occasions I recall, I was behind the car and got DRS and passed the car in front, and in the next DRS section the trailing car I passed was usually within a second of me and I was given DRS for a second time in row, and to be clear there were no cars ahead of me within a few seconds let alone 1.

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Braking Point and solo GP

Happened in the first 2 Braking Point races and I can recall one time in Austria in solo GP 

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I pass a car in a DRS zone, then the next DRS zone if they are only trailing by less than a second I am getting DRS again, even though there are no cars ahead of me within a few seconds

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Some DRS zones use the same detection point as the one beforehand so for example at Australia which is one of the first tracks you went to the track has 3 DRS zones but only 2 DRS detection points. So if you overtake the car in front 

Australian Grand Prix - F1 Race - Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit | Formula 1®


For Austria that track has a detection zone within a DRS zone so maybe that is the cause for that one.

Austrian Grand Prix - F1 Race - Red Bull Ring - Spielberg | Formula 1® 


Don't have any possible reason though for you to have the issue at Abu Dhabi or China though. I would have suggested lapped down cars but you've said that there were no cars ahead of you. A video would probably be really useful.

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Posted (edited)

Thanks, I was unaware of that for Australia, and Austria, could very well be the case,  it happened a couple of times so I figured it was an error.

I have not done China yet, It was Australia and Austria as you pointed out, I cannot say for certain it happnened in Abu Dhabi, as it was when racing Australia, I noticed this happened more then once.


Thanks again,

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