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Wheel causes game to stutter


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So i have been playing this game for a few weeks with a 360 pad and its been perfectly fine, just now i decided to try my wheel which is a Fanatec 911 GT3 RS V2 and as soon as i turn the wheel on the game will start to freeze for a second every 5 seconds even in the menus, if i sit there and watch the menu as i switch the wheel off the stutter instantly goes away and as soon as i turn the wheel back on the stutter returns.

TLDR: With wheel turned on the game freezes every 5 seconds, with wheel off its smooth as silk.

Specs are
Intel Core i5 750 @4ghz
12GB Corsair XMS3
Gigabyte H55M-UD2H
AMD Radeon 7950
Windows 10
Fanatec 911 GT3 RS V2

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No stutter in my game with Windows 7 and G25 wheel. I also have i5 750 cpu and gpu is AMD R9 280 (renamed 7950), gpu-drivers are 14.4
Cpu or gpu are not overclocked, +mechanical sataII harddrive, 4GB ram.

Graphic settings are (resolution 1080p, v-sync on, average 59fps, lowest 51fps):
Night light [HIGH], Shadows [HIGH], Adv. Fog [ON], Particles [HIGH], Weather [HIGH], Crowd [MEDIUM],
Cloth [HIGH], Ambient Occ [MEDIUM], Adv. Ambient Occ [OFF], Mirrors [LOW], Ground cover [HIGH],
Vehicle details [HIGH], Track [ULTRA HIGH], Trees [HIGH], Objects [HIGH], Vehicle reflect [HIGH], Water [HIGH],
Skidmarks [ON], Texture detail [HIGH], Shader detail [HIGH], Anisotropic Filt [HIGH], Smoke shadows [ON],
Adv. blending [OFF]
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