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What was your last purchase

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SynGamer said:
NHL 15 for the XB1
Let us know how it is. I canceled my pre-order after hearing about everything that was missing from the game.
I don't buy the game every year I mostly bought it to give me something else besides Fifa and Forza to play but I have to say I'm enjoying it at the moment. TBH I didn't even know that anything was missing personally until it was mentioned on here. I've only played a handful of games on it thus far though and near the top of the league but  so far though I've found it good fun.
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Hughesy said:
I was going to get a few of those back along. Let me know how they are bud ;) Although how I match stuff with the ugly Noctua I do not know, noticed some of the tablets I take have the same as the Noctua fans lol.
Sure will :) From what I can tell they're basically massively upgraded versions of my current fans, and those are already super quiet while still shifting a good amount of air and keeping my temps down. 
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@RevolvingPrawn How is your Hauppauge PVR? I haven't used mine in a while but I find the software it comes with can be a bit buggy, like sometimes it would crash and I have to re-start the laptop. Also, it takes so long to load too. Have you found that?

Apart from that, I do really like it and the recording quality is just right for me,
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