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What was your last purchase


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I know we joked about it when it was suggested before, but I do think we should maybe introduce a minimum spend for submissions to this thread...

Don't get me wrong, I love knowing that you got a Lucozade Sport Orange 500ml, or a Greggs Sausage Roll, but maybe not every day?

Therefore, I do think we should perhaps have a new minimum spend of around £30 for submissions to this thread.
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MBKF1 said:
...we should perhaps have a new minimum spend of around £30 for submissions to this thread.


x9 Greggs Sausage Rolls
x44 litres Shell V-Power Diesel
x8 Lucozade Sport
x6 Coca-Cola
x2 box of Kleenex tissues
x38 more sundries
= £142 weekly total? :p

I vote to avoid spamming insignificantly trivial routine purchases.

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McStanley said:
x7 Hornby Lime Wagon "Grey"
Two of the Grey Lime Wagon's are not in stock, but the seller has kindly let me have a more expensive Blue Open Wagon to fulfil in the extra money that I have already spent, via PayPal. These means in the original order, if I ordered x5 of the Grey Open Wagon's and the Blue Open Wagon, this order would of cost me just over £10.00 more than what I paid last night (11/06/2018), so I didn't get what I originally wanted, but I have gained something for more than half the price of it's cost. A bargain! Also, I haven't been charged anymore money. Now I don't care that I can't have what I originally wanted.

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Spent all day modding this haha, tedious because certain addons need other addons and so on! But it’s worth it for sure really enjoying it. 
The joystick has a newer version with PS4 branding but is the exact same product albeit a 20 Euro price difference :)  p.s: petition for @McStanley to be sent a Greggs hamper
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Just bought Black Panther UHD on Xbox, but made a mistake. So you used to be able to download the movies, but now it's streamed only. So even though the blu ray would have been a few quid more it would have been better quality. If I knew it was streamed only then I wouldn't have bought it. The quality is still good, but the bit rate will be nowhere near as high as blu ray. You live and learn lol, won't be buying digital again.
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