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What was your last purchase


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I have a collection too, for me its porcelain dogs. When I was 3 I am told my Dad had gone on a business trip and as a last minute gift he bought a small porcelain dalmatian in the airport gift shop. Not exactly a suitable present for a 3 year old, anyway apparently I loved it and from then on every time he went away it was a porcelain dog that I got. Since I got older I buy my own at antique shops and wherever I happen to be (I go overseas 5-6 times year) I always get one. Nowadays I have over 100 porcelain dogs lol, in a cabinet. The prize of the collection is a 1/3 scale Beagle, which is my Amelie as made by my partner for her year 12 art project assignment, i got that for Christmas 2004, its fragile/cracking and flaking but it means a lot to me. 
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Just bought a years worth of lab safety equipment for myself. My personal use equipment was getting a bit worn out/running low.

2x Lab Coat
2x Safety Glasses
2x Box of surgical face masks
2x Box of latex gloves
1x Magnifying stand (I knocked mine over and broke it, was being held together with tape LOLS)
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