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What was your last purchase

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Haha, just bought Colin McRae Rally 04 on eBay too! Not new this time, but apparently in "very good" condition, we'll see about that. I remember playing a Colin McRae rally game at a friends house when i was really young, and i loved it, but i cant remember which one it was.
I'm sure you'll love it. Colin Mcrae 04 is one of my favourite games of all time , along side the TOCA series.
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SynGamer said:
Traded in my PS3 Slim (120GB) towards a PS4. So pretty :D
So thats $10 payed lots more $ to go haha
I popped in and they said I would get $65 forgot, plus 30% trade in bonus for reward members. So I got about $85 for my 4+ year old PS3 slim. Can't really complain about that :)
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Lol, it's mainly for the exclusives! I wanna play Forza 5 and Dead Rising 3, plus when Destiny comes out it won't be on PC and it's a game I'm massively excited about :p 
And once F1 2014 comes out, most of the guys in the league I race in will be playing on Xbox One so I want it so I can keep racing with them. And I like racing these guys, made some friends out of it so I don't wanna join a different league to play the PC version.

My PC is still gonna be my main machine though, cheaper games and it's a beast! ;)

Oh and another thing, gonna trade my 360 version of Ground Zeroes and get the X1 version when I pick up the console, can't stand how bad it looks on the 360. Does that make it a little better? :D
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Thank you my dear Herby :p That's deffo another reason for it, I'm still gutted that GZ and TPP aren't planned for PC but at least I'll have a console capable of playing them both with decent enough graphics.

Have you seen anyone play it on 360? Jagged lines, blurred details, major fps drops and it just ruins the entire experience :(
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DiRT arrived on Saturday, finished the career mode on Pro Am, and will more than likely finish up all the races i missed and get started on the Rally Championship.

CMR04 turned up today, just installed it but havent had time to play yet.

Been trying to get a hold of Toca Race Driver 3 on ebay too, but they seem to be more elusive!
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