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What was your last purchase

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A 1 cubic cm sample of 4 billion year old Zircon, sourced from northern Western Australia. $580 well spent, the oldest item in my geological collection.

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I picked my cycle tire. It was about $40 but, it needed new tires, inner tubes, and tire liners, and the chain needed a good cleaning and greasing. Simple stuff, really...Cost me about $125 when all was said and done but, that included rear folding baskets, lights, and a biking computer. None of those are strictly necessary, but I can tell you when I've made a new record speed carrying two weeks' worth of groceries in the evening. and apart from this i recently purchase pokemon platinum cheats here as i love to play games and travel so yea. 

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My latest purchase was a supplement by Goli Nutrition. I am taking this since 1 year ago. I was starting this supplement after getting too much recommendations. And now i have no regret because I am totally satisfied with this. It very beneficial for my health, skin, hairs and many more.

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