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Weird sound on my headphones

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I got a VERY weird sound on my headphones while playing a Grand Prix with a Williams at Spa. During the race came very often a sound on my headphones (original PS4 Gold series) that it seemes like an F1 engine in a tunnel. The sound kept annoying me, it was louder than my own engine

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Grand Prix

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I tried flashbacking, pausing, turning the headphone on and off. Nothing worked

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I just played a normal GP and it started after I used a flashback

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I'm having the same problem. Started when I switched from Aidan to Casper in Braking Point and has been happening ever since. Using My Team mode it will start small at a certain point on the track then go away but every time I get to the same point on the track the sound get longer and longer until it stays for the rest of the race. I wouldn't mind it so much but it drowns out the sound of my car so makes gearing a bit more difficult and I won't be concentrating as much on my racing as I am at making sure I'm not missing up-shifts or down-shifting too far. Only way to get rid of the noise that I have found so far is to mid session save and restart the application/game.



Console: PS5

Game Mode: Braking Point and My Team

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