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Sound, steering assist, bugs

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I spent a few hours playing Braking point mode and noticed these errors

Bug 1- Random Steering Assistance, I play totally without assistance in Elite mode with G920 steering wheel and even so I noticed that the steering wheel pulled by itself when I was in the middle of a curve and this made me go off track several times, some friends of mine also reported this . I also noticed that this bug happens more when I'm with Twitch Open doing Live Direct From Console.

Bug 2 sound - I noticed that the sound went on and off all the time, even on the Game's home screen the music keeps interrupting all the time.

           • Report Code: None
           • Platform: Xbox One S
           • Restarted Xbox and Game


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I can confirm on the Xbox series X controller the steering assist is rather strong. I know it needs a degree of it for it to be smooth and precise but when you get to a hairpin you can’t cut to the inside on exit or take a different line. It simply won’t turn the wheel enough.

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