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How long before we can get those cut scene graphics as actual gameplay?

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PlayStation 6? I’m assuming these are movies and not actually rendered by the PS5?

The cut scene quality, that is more of what I would expect from next gen. It does make me a little disappointed in how the game looks today while racing, hardly a difference.

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The cutscenes use a completely different engine. With a new engine, F1 22 could look just as good. As long as the 7 year old engine is still used, there is of course a limit.

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It requires different criteria to get a cutscene looking presentable in comparison to general play so it'll be a while but technology moves on and we'll eventually have something that looks basically like the real thing one day.    There's little more annoying than seeing an advert for a game and thinking "wow, that looks amazing! Totally gonna get that game"  and then you see this disclaimer that it isn't actual gameplay, or anything remotely like it. 😬

You could really see the difference between the character models in the cutscenes and those in the podium celebrations so i'm hoping not too long but i'm suspecting it'll happen when they fully embrace next gen gaming instead of straddling the line between both new and current gen and making sure it is functional on both.  So about 2-3 years or so off, i'd say. 

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