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Durability in MyTeam Career

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On 7/14/2021 at 7:24 PM, JohnConnolly said:

Hey ive been playing alot of myteam im after doing 7 races and im on my 4th power unit its very annoying and it could ruin my whole save

If you're simming the practices and using up 70-90% of the time in each sessions, you're basically running 25-30 laps per session. When you get to FP3, you switch to the main gearbox that you use for races.

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It is quick practice that is destroying your car. It's the fact that you are sending out your car in P1,P2,P3 doing as many programs as possible within their respected time to get all the bonuses and development.

Each program you select in quick practice has a "Time" allocated to it. This "Time" is the amount of time your car is being simulated on track basically attempting to get the program done. Any time spent on the track of course is going to give the relevant amount of laps in wear.

If you have noticed some of the programs are for the same buff/dev but take less time for less chance. This is to decrease the amount of time on track.

There are no teams in F1 that spend 60mins + 60mins + 60mins = 3 Hours running free practice in real life because of engine wear! (By quick practicing for 3 hours, you are effectively adding 2 FULL race worth of wear on your engine parts!)

If you still want to do quick practice, take note of the times and do no more than 60 mins per race in practice. You still will end up with dev points, but less buffs. (But comparatively similar to what you may have achieved in F12020 doing just an hour of quick practice instead of 3 hours.) 

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