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[PS5] Driver transfer option not available

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It's not possible to adjust settings on driver transfers (on/off/only after season) - I am confused as the option to deactivate moves during the season has been added after several requests after launch of F1 2020 last year. Besides of the well added customisation (budget, R&D points) for players and AI it should be still available. 

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MyTeam & Career mode

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Checked all the settings available

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Checking the settings in MyTeam/Career mode.

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Agreed. In 19 we all asked for the option to choose the driver transfer setting (on/off/only after season), it's very disappointing if the 'after season only' option has been removed or forgotten. How about it @BarryBL, any chance you could remind the devs of this one? Many of us only want transfers between seasons, NOT mid season which is unrealistic and can also adversely affect the season scores & potentially spoil the championship fight.

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