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League - Season creation problems!


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I am organizing events for our community and the track choices I use are rather long. I seem to hit problems on Germany. 22 tracks in a single event (24 are possible, as said on the top of the screen when creating)... when I hit finish, it just refreshes the edit page and nothing happens if using the quick preset for 1 event and 22 stages. If I add manually, stage by stage, it works, the next season page is also receiving new stages as I add them. However, only 20 are listed in the dropdown.

I use Event 2 with 1 stage, so we have time to collect results for our private scoring, and even that did not show up after I have set the first events 22 stages up. I had to delete 3 stages from the 1st event, then add the second event and then re-add the last three to the first event, which again, only 20 are listed. Any ideas?
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