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F1 2021 • Share your Photos!


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3 minutes ago, AnthonyLee59 said:

Im on PC with a wheel. Why would I need a controller? Oh! wait...TO TAKE SCREENSHOTS!! lol I must have one somewhere..I have 6 kids with consoles.

I'm too and honestly I think we cannot use keyboard because we don't have 3d moment with that

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On 8/5/2021 at 6:44 AM, Neomo said:


This one ain't bad.


I'd zoom in a bit and maybe angle the shot 3 or 4 degrees so that the cars fill the frame more, but other than that it's solid.

You're probably better off making the lead car be the one in focus in future though, as it's where the eyes go first.

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Hi everyone, 

Recently purchased F1 2022, really enjoying it so far. Currently 3/4 of my way through S1 of My Team. 

Playing on an Xbox One with controller, however I'm already looking at sim setups. 

Few photos of my car below, I'm no expert but will hopefully improve as I go. Thanks for the pinned video, I found it really useful. 




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