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Parts wear out too quickly?

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  • After just one race weekend, most of the parts on my car were close to, if not over 20% worn, even with many of the general wear updates applied from the start (aarava had to replace his powerunit after just two weekends, though I do not know what durability updates he has applied). I don't remember parts wearing out that quickly on 2020. I'll be taking on grid penalties like Mclaren-Honda in 2017 until I can max out durability.
  • PC
  • MyTeam
  • I can't really troubleshoot this
  • aarava's MyTeam episode 3 should give an idea of the amount of wear.
  • How do you make the problem happen? Just play MyTeam on 2021 and compare to 2020 levels. If it's the same, I'll be shocked.
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It is to do with "Quick Practice" and I believe it is working as intended.

If you think of it this way, if you select a program in quick practice for say 15 Mins for a 70% chance of X, then what you are ALSO doing is making the car spend 15 mins on track. If you use up 60 mins x 3 doing as many programs you can fit into the time, you are effectively driving the car for 3 hours! hence the wear. (I think they should add something to the UI to make this clearer to everyone.) If you still want to use quick practice, just do 1 of each category ie 1 long program in ERS, then track familiarisation etc. This way your wear should be on par to what you might have done yourself. No team spends 3hours each race on the track in practice!

Easy way for you to prove my point. Start a new My Team career. First race do quick practice in Practice 1 and 2 selecting as many things to fill out the time. Then go and look at your Engine wear and the number of laps that engine has now done in practice 3. You have now likely done more laps / wear than an entire race and you haven't done Practice 3 yet.

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I guess nobody has read my explanation as to why this is happening and why I believe it is working as intended.

I am on race 7 of a 20 race season and still on my 1st engine and its still got more races in it, but will probably change it out next race as I have 2 fresh ones left.

The difference is in my new MyTeam save is that I manually do Practice session 1 and run each of the 3 programs myself. If I miss one of the buffs, ill go into quick practice for session 2 just to get the one or two buffs I missed.

Aarava and some other streamers I have watched basically don't seem to understand that when you ONLY do quick practice, you are only really meant to do a few of the programs. But all I see is every streamer doing as many as they can across all 3 practice sessions to get all buffs out of the whole 3 hours across the 3 practice sessions and wonder why their engines are so worn. The quick practice basically tells you how long it takes and that is how long the car is sent out on track to be simulated like if you personally went out yourself. 

No F1 team would send out their cars for 3 hours each race and this is why.

If you only want to do quick practice, try only to do about 30-45 minutes total. That way it will recreate the amount of wear that you would normally expect had you done it yourself.

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