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Unable to use last name, game thinks it might be offensive

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Trying to start MyTeam or Career mode and it prompts the Character creation menu, where i'm able to fill every part until it get's to my last name (Haasma). It's assumes my last name might be offensive and am there for not able to play MyTeam or Career as i want to use my actual last name.unknown.png

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1 hour ago, PaddySk said:

It‘s a debatable point whether common namens cannot be used because of licensing. Thank god that we haven‘t any Smith or Müller teams in F1. 
Is Martin also forbidden because of Aston Martin?

You have to consider the wider context. The block is there for potential brand damage or association. Not saying it’s not lamentable, but if it’s a reality then we have to deal with it.

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Maybe the 'design' needs tweaking then? I get profanity filters and even team names to a degree, but codies, and F1 for that matter, have absolutely no right to tell players that they cannot name their driver with their own name. I'm sorry but that's just ridiculous. 

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