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Rally and Pikes Peak Force Feedback, better than Rally X.


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Like the title say. I find the handling or rather Force Feedback in Rally X cars to be very strange compared to Rally stages and the Pikes Peak cars.
Pikes Peaks is bloody awesome and I find the FF to be quite awesome too, with a little tweaking.

If I had based my impressions of DR only by the Rally Cross or Rally X part of the game, I'd walk away from it, and I almost did.
Because the FF is very strange and not enjoyable unless I drive with very little steering input.
BTW my wheel is a T500rs and I've tried lots of different rotation settings and it seams like the Rally X and Pikes Peak cars are not using the same FF code. 
I've also tried DR on another PC with a G27 wheel and it was the same experience there, Rally X feels different than the Rally and PP cars
I hope its a bug that will be fixed in the next update.
I've been a Sim nerd since 1997 and the Pikes Peak experience in this game, is one of the best ever.

I love it.

Keep it up Codies :-)    

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Well that's strange from my perspective too.
What wheel do you have and what rotation settings are you using?
I've tried 900 and 1080 and 540 with the RX cars, seams to tighten up FF the lower I go.
I've also tried Soft Lock On and Off and I can't say it made any difference.  
I'm pretty sure this is a bug because the steering input and FF is just as bad on my friends PC with a G27.
And he says the difference in FF between Rally and RX is very clear.

I like what they have done so far, but Its still early release so a few bugs are expected.   
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try this config:

Very important to set spring and damper to ZERO in your wheel drivers. As you have a Fanatec 500 you may reduce the overall strenght a bit...
Dont forget to set SAT (self align torque) at 60-70 in game FFB options.

Leave the rest of options as the pictures shows.
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I noticed that the steering force is quite different between rally and RX. For instance, driving the Subaru I have to set self align torque down to 60, and it is still very strong in some situations. But in RX driving the Polo I have to double the force up to 130 and it is still overall quite light, even on tarmac sections.
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Thanks for the tips guys but I'm very happy with the FF, Rally and Hillclimb.
But the same settings does not work well with the Rally cross cars, or RX if you like.

The initial turn in, clockwise ca between 10 -14 feels allright, I'd say its close to normal. 
But after I turn the wheel a little past the turn in, the FF goes all limb like the resistance suddenly dropped to zero.  Its really weird.
And like I said Driving Pikes Peak is nothing like that, in fact it feels quite good. 
I have a Thrustmaster T500 but I also tested with a G27 witch also felt pretty bad in RX mode.

Please share your Rotation settings and if you use Soft Lock or not etc.

Thanks again. 

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