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(Xbox One) audio glitches

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1. In any race setting, the audio will cut in and out.

2. Ver 1.03

3. Practice sessions, Quali, and Races

4. Enter any race while wearing a wired headset (steelseries arctis 3)

5. Any time you can drive a car.

6. Ive unplugged my headset and plugged it back in, reset my console.

7. Xbox one Controller, Steelseries Arctis 3 headset.

The problem only exists with a headset on

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*****fixed mine***** was about to full Factory reset since the issue made me want a refund.....


I had a hair pulling out frustrating issue with the audio. It would sound like the audio jack was twisting or loose or the cord was internally coming apart.... ****** me off beyond belief since F1 2020 worked perfectly and the $$$ I spent for F1 2021...

My audio would smooth out a bit after race started but if I were to pause the race it would cause the issue to spur up full force.

Thank the lord I have fixed it.

Xbox one S diag attempts.

-Used different controllers, headsets, and games. Only happened in F1 2021 headsets or volume through monitor, it didn't matter

-Changed in-game audio settings in  every variation possible

-I decided to reset console ***with keeping games and apps downloaded first*** thinking this would be a quicker try than full reinstall of 150gbs of games.      

Try this Go to Settings>system>console info>reset console>select keep games and apps installed!!!!!! Let me know if this worked for you as it did for me!!

So far 2hours of play and issue hasn't been present. The game is enjoyable and video quality also improved...

Hope this helps everyone!

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