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Can't connect to RaceNet? *POST HERE!*

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I can't join from Australia. PS4 just updated to the 1.03 patch. I access Career > Online events I have not participated in any other form of online play.
"The RaceNet service is not available. Please try again later."

Cheers, Nick
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After installing patch 1.03 on PS4 my wheels works like it was, too week on FFB, that's right, but the cars are steerable again ...
My NEW problem is, that I am not able to connect to Racenet ... and ...

The same problem with not being able to log into RACENET ist posted by jwboelhout ,Turbocharl and novcze .

that a new or known problem or is RACENET really down ...
I was trying for several hours now ....
And ... btw ... I checked my connections and network ... My PS4 is connecting to the Playstation Store ... so ... internet connection is not the issue ...


Sb else experiencing that problem?

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example  if i  login  with my racenet accaunt  in dirtgame     i should get my steam community name there     and see all my stats  ,   but today  it shows my racenet name  and   stats are 0    ,  and  offcore  no online  daily  today  becose          try again later
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XB1 connection was usually a bit hit and miss (a couple of retries would normally be enough to log in) but for the past couple of days the online events have been 100% unavailable.
Data access for leaderboards is also incredibly slow or non-existent.

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Cant connect to Racenet, online events:(  and my time on races are not Updated
after the last update
many problems when I make recordings of my game plays with shadowplay.
when I go to see what I have recorded recording with several problems some parts are ok, but others start to the image (slow motion type) then back to normal

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I have to say, the lack of response is appalling. After the wheel issues, this really does take the pi55. Obviously nobody at CM can be bothered to offer any support as it's the weekend. I hope they're having a lovely time relaxing while we get frustrated again!  :(
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