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2-Player Career Mode does not load properly and you cant play it [PC] Video Evidence

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So basically me and my girlfriend tried to play the 2-Player Career Mode online. When loading into the first race I the host load into the workplace normally and can set stuff up like intended. She on the other hand is stuck on a black loading screen up until I click load into next session. At that point she loads into the work place but we cant both start the session because the server is broken or something. Here is the video with it.


If more report codes are needed I will repeat the bug to get more. 

A lot of troubleshooting has been done and nothing has seemed to change the outcome at all. 

  • Updating Drivers
  • Restarting Computers
  • Restarting Game 
  • Verifying Game Files
  • Switching hosts just causes me to be stuck. On her screen I am in the lobby not readied up and for me it tells me that I am still connecting to [her username].

I have no Idea how this happens and or why this happens. Someone please help. It makes me really upset that this happens and we were both really looking forward to playing the 2 player career. We spent the entire night trying to do different things to fix it and nothing changed. 

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  • Codemasters Staff


Thanks for reporting your issue. However, we do need a complete bug report to gain all the details needed to replicate and troubleshoot your issue. Please copy and paste the template from the below and fill in the answers.


Providing this information is vital for Codemasters to be able to investigate, replicate and hopefully solve your issue. Without this, we don't have the necessary information to replicate and diagnose the issue.

Also, it appears as though you're loading into an existing Two Player Career save. It would be valuable to know what you were both doing when you previously quit the game - as in, what were you doing just prior to the situation first occurring?

Many thanks

Codemasters Forum Team

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Hi I'm facing similar issues with my two player career, just before this issue we were racing in brazil and i slipped and wrecked my car and then went afk while my friend completed the race and did his interview and left while i stayed on the screen because i was afk. When i came back after 5-10 minutes. So we launched the game again and now my game loads in Australia race weekend on the workstation while my friends load into team headquarters and i have tried everything but nothing is working. Please help!

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