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GRID Autosport Feedback

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Please, please, please can we get a patch for Grid Autosport on the xbox 360!

Im an experienced racing game player and sort of know how the car should feel with no assists. Ive had the game for around a month and like the game for the most part but...

The main problem thus far is the braking which is especially noticed in the Touring cars. The braking is utter rubbish, there is no rhyme or reason. You NEED to have some logic about it. Having a brake pressure adjustment would be the best as we could then adjust the effective biting point to the brakes and travel of the braking trigger regardless of what control device you use.

As standard with no assists the brakes lock far too easily meaning you certainly struggle to brake normally let alone brake late. You NEED to have say 80% brake trigger travel BEFORE the brakes lock giving you a mental picture of how hard you can brake before locking the wheels. If the wheels lock a slight release of brake pressure (brake trigger travel) should then un-lock the wheels so you can bring the car back into control. You could then gauge when you need to brake giving the braking force you have and be consistent. At the moment you cannot!

The feeling of grip feels good and likewise the way the car looses grip is also acceptable when at speed. Its just the feeling of grip when braking. The front end of the car is too loose and needs more feedback to the user. You should only hear tyre skidding when the wheels are actually locked, while braking. Otherwise its just pointless and annoying.

I REALLY hope you can fix these issues, then it will be really good and playableas well as far more enjoyable...

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GunDriver said:
Well I wish I could say that I am impressed. I was excited when the game was announced because I have not yet made the investment for an Xbox One and was really Jonesing for some Forza 5. I didn't expect Grid Autosport to have all of the adjust-ability of the Forza games but I was expecting alot more than I got! Especially considering the fact that the game had Open Wheel Racing. I assumed that with all of the adjust-ability of the Formula One games, that Open Wheel would be similar. Boy was I wrong!

The game thus far has been underwhelming and I am extremely let down by it. There is very little to adjust on the cars. Especially in the lower classes. The controls heavily favor controllers. I literally had to put my steering wheel away and use an Xbox controller to get around. What makes it worse is that there are absolutely no adjustments for the controllers, so there is no way to take the dead zones out of the steering wheels, so they are essentially useless.  For those of us that use the Drivers line as a learning tool, the Drivers line is nearly impossible to see on most of the tracks. Adjusting the Gamma helps a little but go to a street course and you're screwed.

I honestly do not like the ranking system either. It is almost as if the developers are punishing the players for using assists. I am sorry but it shouldn't take 6 races to get from level one to level two.  I still have not seen anything that would lead me to believe that you can purchase upgrades for your cars and create your own liveries. I saw it said somewhere that you could but I have yet to see it and I have turned the game upside down looking for it.

Honestly, this is one game that will end up getting traded back in, in a couple days. Codemasters dropped the ball if you asked me.

Totally agree. To add also, the view for the far rear view is too low and needs to be lifted up and you can barly see the road, just the damn car.!
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Small, nitpicky things in the UI are what bother me:

- Would love the ability to follow other cars during a replay. Sometimes it'd be nice to see how another driver takes a corner (even if it is just the AI); sometimes I just want to see that massive crash I caused over and over. I dont see any point in the replay system when the camera is stuck to my car. I know how badly/well I've driven.
- an actual lobby, showing numbers playing and associated ping would be much better than anonymised matchmaking. I kept dropping from games yesterday, to spend ten minutes going back and forth between creating new, empty games and the main menu, before finally getting back into the  populated game I'd came from. Actually knowing there were games out there would be nice.
- manual controls should be enabled when using the View Car option.
- show the points gained in MP races at the end of the race
- havig the option to turn the second screen into an actual timing screen, with sector and lap times would be awesome. I fail t see how anyone would ever be able to pay attention to that tiny live feed at the very edge of peripheral vision.
- remove the confirmation dialog when repairing cars. I always want to repair the car; that's why I've pressed the repair button.
- even better, have a 'Repair All' option
- add the option to buy a car from the vehicle select screen of MP races
- i know the car packs are done, but it would have been really handy to include the car class in their descriptions.
 - Please expand the ingame leaderboards for Racenet challenges. If I'm pulling a ghost off the list, I dont need to be chasing the guy who's only 1 tenth faster than me -  I want to be able to pull the guy half a second, or more.

Um. Yeah. Off the top of my head. Apologies if any are already mentioned, mo ti,e to read thread because lunh. Otherwise, enjoying GA more than I did G2. The good work, keep it up.
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I definitely like this a bit more than Grid 2. I like the driving style more and like that everything is a bit bigger. It gives it a greater sense of scale. I also like the handling on the cars much more than G2. Where I would like to see the next Grid game improve over this one is in some of the extras. I feel the season pass was a bit skimpy, that everything in it could have just been put in game to start. Would have like to see car packs done different. Like releasing 5 car packs, one for each discipline, with a few more cars. I also would like to see more done with demo derby, maybe some different car choices. The other thing I would like to see is a bit more customization with vinyls.like a separate  numbering vinyl you can put over a race net vinyl. it would also be cool if clubs could create there own club branding vinyl.
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LESS classes. Too many of them make online very divided. Sometimes there are 15+ custom lobbies with max 4 players, and every lobby is a different class of cars. I would prefer having less cars and more tracks instead or same amount of cars but in small number of classes. This way more ppl would play the same classes/cars and lobbies would be filled more. 
And of course get rid of tunning, upgrades, used/new cars, repairs and such. Liveries shud be employable to all cars at once.

And agree with BadgersareFun about UI improvements. 
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Just to expand of my previous points about braking...

I've played the game a bit with ABS and I'm starting to like the game again. Although ABS doesn't seem to work in the way it should. I.e. In theory you should brake quicker without ABS because ABS applies then releases the brakes quickly to keep traction. So if you can sort out the braking without ABS then at least it would give people the option to either learn to use the brakes effectively or suffer slightly worse braking with ABS on. You are certainly giving the advantage to assist users...

While I see why I think the way the car spins when you get one rear wheel on the grass in a rear wheel drive car is a bit excessive. Sure the car might break traction and go into a slide but doing a 180 in 0.1 seconds is a bit excessive regardless of having the throttle firmly open or not. Would be nice to be able to catch that slide and continue.

If you cannot improve upon this game, which would be nice I hope the developers take on board everything logical and reasonable thus making the next instalment a better game. After all there are a lot of great driving games coming soon...
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AbSabir said:
What's annoying is when playing endurance mode and as the race starts an as we approach the first corner all the cars crash into me and each other. Frustration
+1 I found the same. 

Maybe there is some trick that other people use to avoid the pile up at the beginning on endurance. Normally I only play time trial.

I agree about the touring car. Great racing.
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I didn't know GAS had autonomous cars...
Did the formula challenge on Bathurst yesterday and after finishing, the camera showed the driver... 's seat. No-one was in there, so apparently that car drove on its own. Still, I got the reward xp and money, so I won't complain. :D 
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I haven't finished the career yet but here are my impressions.

I like the game, in general, I'd give it a solid 8/10. The handling of the cars is convincing and requires skill, it isn't a simulator but it feels rewarding when you finally master it.

I don't like the AI much. In touring cars they tend to be overly aggressive and they'll bump you out of the way if you hold the racing line but are slower than them (often when I'm still learning a track). Catch up system is present especially in touring cars, this should be eliminated in the next game as it's artificial difficulty.

Sounds are very good. I've listened to better ones but the one you have in the game are great and accurate for the most part, unlike in GRID 1 for example.

The dash view sucks. Interiors are low poly and blurred, and the dials don't work. Don't be fooled Codies, lots of people enjoy racing with cockpit view, especially on PC. Treating them like crap by giving them a subpar cockpit isn't good. I like that camera that's ahead of the steering wheel, but really that should've been achieved by an adjustable FOV instead.

My other pet peeves with this game come from the career mode and DLC, mostly.

I personally enjoy the career system of competing in disciplines rather than countries. XP is easy to earn, especially with the boost pack, so the game isn't very grindy, although it's to the player's benefit to learn the slower cars first.

But the thing that made GRID 1 fun the most, is absent from this game. The ability to make your own team and hire your teammate. Having the ability to race for Ravenwest isn't an equivalent substitute. I love the Ravenwest livery but there's nothing like building your own team with your own sponsors. This feature is present online only and I don't understand why.

Another thing is that DLC benefits online players only. The DLC cars, with the exception of Touring Legends, don't come with custom offline liveries, and aren't usable in career. From what I've seen, Codies has no interest in giving liveries to these cars, nor do they want to allow us to race them in career, which is IMO really disrespectful treatment to people who enjoy playing mostly offline. I just wasted half the price of the full game on a Season Pass containing cars I won't be able to enjoy to the fullest unless I play online. Seriously, what's the point then?

Finally, the Z4 GT3 model is wrong. The one in the Coupé DLC isn't a Z4 GT3, it's a E85 Z4M that was never raced in any GT3 events. I can't believe this licensing blunder went unnoticed. I would seriously hope that people who make racing games know about racing cars.

I think it's bad when DLC doesn't follow the same rules of the game... Reeks of laziness unfortunately. :( That's why I think the DLC gets a 6/10 from me, lower than the score of the main game.

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Great game, much much better racing than Grid 2 - my feedback:

Change Release Management
1) Have better quality control on your code release - the last patch for Autosport is awful and sending players away - my xbox freezes constantly now - all other Grid autosport players have the same issue

1) Much better that people can race DLC and non DLC cars together.
2) £10 for Touring Legends is asking too much of the fans when the game has been inherently been unstable since release - that should have been a thank you to the loyal people who buy your games.
3) Don't release tracks from Grid 2 as chargeable DLC - left a sour taste for many who bought Autosport after Grid 2
4) No Nurburgring!!

1) Aside from Custom Races, the general online lobby's are too repetitive for the combinations of cars and tracks - spice it up more

Car Cost/Repairs
1) Initially too expensive to repair and now too cheap - find a better balance. $100k per race seas too much
2) Harder for some of the racers to earn enough money - keep the bug that rewards you for selling tricked up cars for silly money - that was great and allowed people to buy other cars and race other classes

Hope this is useful

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i like the game overall (multiplayer that is.)
haven't played a lot of singleplayer yet so i wonder if there is a possibility to buy your own car instead of the sponsers only?
What i might add is to give more spaces for cars in multiplayer (being able to choose 1 car out of each catergory in each disclipline)

Thanks for listening to the community, keep up the good work!
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Have been playing GAS for a couple of months now, coming from about a year of playing Gran Turismo. Gran Turismo's physics are, for the most part, more realistic and the ability to tune a car in GT is far superior and I prefer that you can buy tuning/upgrades in GT regardless of having achieved an XP level (just like in real life racing, how much you can throw at the car depends on how much money you have available, not what the car has achieved in races).
The reason I've switched from GT to GAS was the AI. GT's AI is dumb and boring, leading to the offline racing being time trials with moving obstructions on the track (the so-called competitors). GAS's AI is clearly better than the GT's and provides a much better feeling of racing. Still, too often the AI collides with you in an unrealistic fashion.
In real racing competitors work hard to avoid contact because it can so easily cause damage that will eliminate you from the race. This is even more of an issue in multi-player online racing where collisions are even more common due to careless racing and from a few who use collisions are part of their racing strategy.
I think this situation would be improved if GAS treated collision damage more realistically with regard to a car being able to continue in a race. It's ridiculous to see cars with a tire missing, or greater damage, continuing to race, much less continuing at a race pace (I'm not fast, but how in the world can a car missing a tire pass me in the corner?).
Of course taking damaged cars out of a race would penalize both those who caused the collision and the unfortunate victim of the collision, but, if you're more likely to be DNF'd due to damage it would provide a motivation to all racers to avoid collisions, just like in real life racing, and, IMHO, improve the racing overall.

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I know this has been brought up before, but it's worth repeating - CM, please add mirrors.
I always use the 'over the hood' view as it provides what I find to provide the best perspective. Unfortunately it also leaves you blind to what's going on behind and beside you. Yes, we can button select rear and side views, but this disrupts one's focus on the track ahead, and using manual shifting on a PS controller doesn't leave enough left/right buttons to even access the three rear/side views anyway.
Adding rear and side mirrors would potentially be a significant benefit in reducing collisions.
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