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GRID Autosport Feedback


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Speedball said:
Okay here's what I've got so far experimenting with predominantly Open Wheel cars. I'm running on Xbox 360 with Gamepad (3rd party, my first party has worn sticks).

The feeling of the open wheel cars still isn't there. They slide too much and are far to "floaty" even with all tuning variations tried. I have only tried IndyCar, mind you, but without pits, thse cars are going to be virtually un-racable unless in 2-3 lap races. You can almost get there with the right tuning and a Fanatec wheel, but they still drift around corners. That just isn't realistic. But who knows, maybe they are suited for ovals, and the other open wheelers are better or there are some things I am missing with tuning or wheel settings.
I'm going to disagree on the handling of the IndyCar. With finesse and a proper racing line you should be able to maneuver the IndyCar flat out around both of the oval tracks present (just like they do in real life - I've even been getting comparable lap times). I haven't been getting the sliding you speak of (unless I do something stupid or hit the grass) having run on both ovals (a 15 lap race around Autosport and a 20 lap race around Indianapolis - which is roughly 10 percent of actual race distance).

I want to say your AI isn't as good at Oval Track racing, but I could be wrong, The row of NASCAR and IndyCar games on the shelf next to my console may indicate that oval racing is one of my strong points. I've noticed on tracks that feature right turns as well the AI is much more competitive.

Speaking of the AI, What I see so far, I like. They respond to aggressiveness in kind, but reasonably. They block decently, and even caught on when I attempted a feint. The AI in high speed portions makes pretty good use of drafting.

Corner cutting penalties are greatly improved from Grid 2.

Handling of other open-wheelers is so far spot on, damage modelling is great, graphics are to your usual standard of excellence with exception to the strange cockpit view blurriness (I do feel like it's a little overboard). T-cam on the open-wheelers is excellent, and I like that the IndyCars get rolling starts. Caparo T1 is done very well. The touring and muscle cars I've tried so far have good physics to them, they seem even tighter than the first Grid (and for that matter, so does the Formula 3 car), which I found a little shocking.

And it was very kind of you to make Autosport Raceway's oval suspiciously similar in geometry to Pocono.

I think October was referring to the open wheelers on non-oval tracks with regard to his comment about the floatiness so maybe thats the difference you are finding.

I'm going to be jumping in the open wheelers once I get the game so can't wait to see how they feel.

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Loptr said:
You asked for feedback, so here it is....  I have only used Steam for 1 other title, which was F1 2012... It NEVER WORKED on my PC and I NEVER got a resolution, so I wasted my $$$$... Now, I have purchased Grid Autosport for PC, thinking I would be receiving media to install... But no, it's only available on Steam... So here we go again... When I attempt to activate Grid Autosport on the Steam site, I get "Invalid Product Key"... Upon research on the Steam site and across the internet, it appears many are having this issue... I purchased the key from Amazon, who accept zero responsibility or liability to correct the issue... Amazon pointed me to Bandai Namco for support, but they have no info for Grid Autosport nor any way to open a support ticket... In other words, every time I have to use Steam for content delivery, I get screwed.... Is that fair and balanced? 

We're aware of this issue and have been working tirelessy since yesterday to get it fixed. We've got some leads and we're just waiting on Valve to get into the office, upon which I'm hoping we'll have a solution in site.

I apologise it's not been an easy start so far, rest assured we want you in game and racing just as much as you do.
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Iam currently a beta tester for 2 other sims in development and soley race on PC these days, what drew me to this game never playing any other code master titles before were.... It wasn't a beta :) and as a touring car fan I found the car/track content very appealing! And I wanted something that was fun yet semi realistic something I wish shift2 could have been but the physics ruined that title which could have had the potential to compete with forza/gt if ea had not rushed SMS First impressions with out of the box settings....clean, crisp no hiccups on track visuals were great, handling well less than impressive but I used my knowledge of past sim and simcade experiences and took the time to set up my wheel which is fanatec gt3 rsv2 Since the platforum was set for older console tech I first set the wheel degrees to 360 world of difference I now had control of my car and didn't have that feeling that the ai was trying to control against me. Now for the forces.....base setting were way to strong, a lot of gamers first instinct is to crank the FFb to max and are blown away by all the rattling, but in reality I've yet to play any racing title that does not induce clipping over 75% FFb strength What's clipping in short? Clipping is when the strength of the signal is to strong for your wheel to handle causing distortion resulting in false FFb effects....think of it as a stereo speaker cranked to full.....it's loud but sounds like crap :) So I settled so far by setting all the ingame effects to 50% for the time being and it really allowed for more subtle effects to be felt giving me more data on what the car was doing and allowed me to drive a lot smoother on the limit resulting in much faster lap times! After that I really started enjoying this title and could see my self spending a lot of time playing. So to the cons I would like to see improved. I know it's not meant to be a sim but a tad more flex detail in the tire during cornering would truly enhance the driving experience. Tire sounds...it needs tire scrubbing effects as of now there's really no tire sounds unless skidding or locked up so you have no idea of the cars limits till it's too late. Which brings me to the second part I find that the FFb and the sound of tire skidding seem slightly off or delayed and don't completely tie in to one another Asides from that I find it quit enjoyable Tuning...soley based on the touring cars thus far. Tuning settings are pretty lame +100 -100? Doesn't give much options for those that enjoy tuning like myself I think a few more increments in each direction could be more exciting. Personally out of all the simcades available forza did it the best but I do t expect that much detail tho something like shift2 would be great. Once I get to spend more time with the game I'll give a more thoro feedback! Cheers
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Adjusted my clutch to a shorter throw and it did help limit the issue with the clutch not engaging. I made my foot hurt bottoming out the clutch for a bit though lmao.

Still wish more games would adopt the Forza way of doing it. even if you make shifts take 2 seconds if they are missed, it would be less intrusive and annoying.
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Sry for saying that, but i use "folk demo" version, if you know what i mean.
I like game and i think buy it coz online part the only thing i interested.
But i have some trouble.
My PC configuration is a bit outdated
Phenom II x4 925
Radeon 4870 1Gb
Latest driver for this graphic adapter was updated 2 years ago.
All graphic settings set to minimum.
  • Ingame ~55 fps (freezes sometimes for half second).
  • Main menu 5-20 fps, very uncomfortable, especialy when chose cars, they loads soooooo loooong. Looks like graphic settings does not work in menu.
  • No deadzone/sencity settings ( i need deadzone for my brake axis on pad )
  • Lost buttons setup every time after quiting a game
So before buy i wonna know - this troubles is ok for config like i have and need new PC? or its just becose i have "folk" version? :D or maybe it can be fixed?
Do not want to throw two days of work for nothing, hope you understand.
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PC - ECCI 7000 Wheel/Pedals

I cannot map my brake pedal to brake. I'm not the only one either.

In other words it's unplayable...beautiful, but unplayable :(

Mattey said:
It would be nice to have Circuito Di Milano back in GRID: Autosport...
I think that was one of the most interesting street racing locations of all.

Does anyone know if original Grid's multiplayer is down? I couldn't make an account. ;_;

Edit: played around with some cars with the keyboard, I can't be sure but it feels like the open wheel cars are way too "floaty," you literally have to start turning 20-30 feet before the proper turn-in point, and pray you slide onto the racing line at the apex, just to carry any decent speed through the corner. This is not how open-wheel cars handle.
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i played for a couple of hours and i think that the game is good and goes in the right direction, that's what we wanted!at the very first race i saw a mercedes tc went upside down, i thought wow absolutely epic as a start!i started a career with touring cars on medium difficulty i only gained a double 4th place finish(i don't want to imagine on hard) and i must say i felt a strange car handling and not a proper sense of speed then a bit frustrating AI seemingly impossible to get more than 4th place, maybe it's soon to speak like that and it's just a matter of practice! for sure you must drive clean to make a good race! i'm happy with the return of the cockpit view but i suggest to improve it, it's very poor sorry! i would like to see dynamic weather effects and please more cars for touring cars please(future dlc).why no volvo s60 or toyota avensis the new Lada and citroen c-elysee;seat;kia;dacia;saab;proton;Mg?i think it's important, touring cars are the essence of this game!!!just check Wtcc;Stcc;Btcc;Atcc;Euro v8;Brazilian tc there are many awesome cars still missing! one last thing what manufacture is adc presteza?????????
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I like that they made the Race length customizable. That makes this game for me. AI is a little aggressive as far as giving room when have position on them. Would love to have a rear view mirror while in cockpit mode. Everything else is pretty awesome so far. Overall I really like the game and the detail. 
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Why oh why no clutch just like your F1 titles? I don't think I'm alone in wanting a clutch, functional mirrors and pit stops Those are important things to any racing games/sim! Also whats up with not being able to adjust anything between 0-100 in the garage? Come Codematsters do your racing titles some justice!
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Handling is good, very close to grid 1

But what happens to the handbrakes ??? if i want to steer right al little bit fine with the handbrakes ,it goes right and then left
and then the car is standing still, this sucks !
this means, i cant use the handbreakes in this game....because its very useless !!!
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PC with G27 (hated grid 2 and f1 2013 league racer)

So far I have managed to race the intro and also some open wheel.  I have to say that The open wheel does feel pretty good, maybe a little too light, you cant find the grip bite that much, but maybe its because the Formula C doesn't have as much downforce.  I will have to try it out with other Open Wheel Cars.

I like all of the options, race length etc.  I love how there is a practice and also qualifying.  Great fucntions there so we can learn the track first then go to race.

There are a number of different views which is good, I just wish that the mirrors worked, or that we have those fake mirrors we could put at the top.  That would be really nice... 

I really like how the curbs and the grass can spin you out!  Much better than in F1 2013.    I also like the feeling of dipping into the grass.  Like you can feel the car go below the pavement.  Pretty neat!

Courses look good so far.

Man the AI is pretty fun to race.  They aren't as passive as in F1 2013 and the seem like they actually block a little bit and try to overtake.  I don't think they are too agressive.  Sure they can bump but if i see them coming I give them a little room.  AI are better than my expectations for sure.

I run a G27, and I did not have to move any of the force feedback settings.  I was very happy about this.  Previously on other titles I really had to screw around with my wheels settings.  My logitech profiles is set to General feedback 100%, then the rest 0%, the same that I use in F1. 

The Feedback feels alot better.  You can feel the car way more than in F1.  This might be the best thing for me.  So this is making me rally excited for that game!

I also love that with the direction buttons you can get information from the race engineer.  So nice to have interactions, and luckily since my name is common "Nick" he actually says my name.  That is really good for the immersion factor!

Can't wait to play more of this game and give more feedback on other series and how this progresses in the open wheel carrer... will also have to test out multiplayer as well...

Good effort here codemasters, I am liking what I'm playing!

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I congratulate you guys for the great job!

I liked: You have heard the community.

I did not like: the interior of this car with a very poor quality. (Please improve it)

Gameplay: This excellent .... needs some adjustments on more powerful cars.

Content (DLC): Rain is possible to put in the DLC?

add more cars like: Ruf, Lamborghini, Volkswagen, toyota.

add more tracks: La Sarthe, Monaco.

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First i wanna say is Grid Autosport is one of the best racing games I've played. one problem i have found is on the Detroit demo derby track the long version of the track, on the crossover jump on the first lap they just go straight into the orange barriers if you could fix this please thank you, and thank you for creating another great racing game :)   
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I played for a couple of hours yesterday evening and I have to say I am impressed so far. DS3 controler and no assists. However there are a few issues:

1. Chasecam -> Is too low and therefore almost unusable. Would like to see a chasecam a bit higher so that you can see properly what's happening in front of the car.

2. Touringcars feel great but a bit light/floaty. Give them a bit more "weight".

3. Replays have a few nice angles but I would like to see the cars look more natural. Sometimes it looks like they are skating on ice.

4. I miss the pitstops. I play with no flashbacks and if you get damaged by the AI it would be nice to be able to go into the pits and get some repairs done. It's a feature I really miss!

5. Cockpitview without the wheel is greatly done (TOCA2 / 3) but the view with the wheel is just not detailed enough. It feels rushed.

6. The faster openwheeler (Lola A1 GP and Indy Dalara) are twitchy and nervous to drive. I expected handling like the F1 games but I was completely wrong. They need quite some additional work handlingwise. The Lola for example if you drive with a controler , the slightest touch of gas in a corner in lower gears makes your car go sideways or into a spin. Took every corner in 3th gear after and the problem was gone. Maybe you could check the first 2 gears.

7. The cars in the club garage are not shown in the design for that club.

8. Online I struggle a bit to see through. I never know if I am racing for the club or not when changing a discipline or car. I can't seem to figure out where I can see this. HELP :-c

9. Missing photomode: GAS is so intense while racing. I photomode to capture the greatest and most spectacular moments would be great.

10. Within Single Player you can't create your own team or use your "RACENET CLUB".  Also you can't run your own livery. I like the idea to race for teams but I rather would create, manage and race for my own team.

On a side note I hope you guys drop all those disciplines and start focussing on 1 or 2. Preferable just touringcars and I would like to see to move the slider a bit more towards simulation.  The AI is great, absolutely fabulous. I play on medium for the moment but it's an absolute blast. Great job!
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Phil88TC said:
i preordered the game but i can't download the black edition content, it says error so no content...i know that people on steam got the same problem, exactly the same issue! please codemasters solve the problem! will i get another code?
What format do you play on and what country are you in?
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I'm one of those weird creatures that loved Grid 2. According steam I spent 65 hours on Grid 2, had 259 online races and averaged 2nd (yay!). I like all kinds of race games from sims to arcade games and I liked Grid 2 because it didn't try to be something it wasn't. The drifting was used perfectly to hide the lack of physics but in Autosport that's not the case. Autosport is trying to be something that it's not. There's no physics here, it's trying to be an 'in-between' between simulation and arcade but it should just be a full on arcade game. It's just the Dirt 3 engine powering a tarmac based race game. And we know how bad Dirt 3 felt on tarmac…

But I don't hate the game and I think I'll get a lot of enjoyment from it but it is just a little frustrating that Codemasters have bent to the will of people who are asking for simcade when there's simply not one to offer here.

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