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MP or CM

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Always a big dilemma for me is whether to start in MultiPlayer mode or Campaign Mode.
Whats do you guys do?
Start off in Campaign and people get a head start in MP.
Start off in MP & you and everyone are finding their feet, leading to bad racing and pile ups.
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I am still undecided but I tempt to start my online career directly. I really like the idea of your own club/team , your own livery and race for that. In MP I will start calmly, drive with my head an not getting to competitive the first couple of races. I want to get the hang of it but I also want to gain XP so that I can buy the cars that are on my list. For this means, braking a bit more early, giving your oponents a bit more room to race as well and especially wait until the carnage arrives at the first corner and then just drive around it.

The MP has a slight edge for me because of the club/livery.
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Campaign of course, although racing a couple of times online while you still don't understand the physics is a different/good experience too, although dangerous, as If you are having too much fun online, that might eventually affect the ammount of hours spent on SP.

This more or less happened to me with Grid. I jumped online straight away and learned the cars I liked over there (Corvette and Koenigsegg). Problem was the democratic system before choosing an event, due to the more than proved fact that the people suck hard; and not just because 80% of the times the touring car discipline appeared ended up being the chosen one (then everybody Lacetties, not a single BMW but me usually)..., It is just that democracy itself applied to videogaming sucks. And why this?, because so does the people obviously.

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Awong124 said:
I don't plan on ever playing online, so career mode for me.
same here I never play online I do the odd quick race or custom cup for practice but generally it's career mode I spend my time in and will be the same with Autosport once I have my copy
Same here; I'll be spending the majority of time in Single Player. I've been burnt so many times Online... You have one or two excellent races out of about 500.
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