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Odd AI Qualifying Behaviour in Monaco and Canada

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Description of the issue:

In MyTeam Mode, some of the AI are randomly going off the racing line and slowing down before the pitlane, (this clip of Russell is one of a few examples) then as you can see, Russell moves left and Ocon moves right into him, and the following AI just drive flat-out into Ocon's stationary car. I thought it might be a car issue for these AI going slowly at first, but three other cars have done this in Qualifying in Montreal, retiring a total of four other cars in the process. In Monaco, it didn't happen where it took the AI out but there were several yellows from really slow cars, like Russell. This also happened to me a lot in Zandvoort on F1 2020, where cars would slow down randomly at the final banked corner. I haven't tested other tracks yet but it wouldn't surprise me if it was the same there.

Report Code:



PlayStation 5 (Similar F1 2020 Issue occurred on Xbox One)

Game Mode:

MyTeam (I haven't tried other modes, however, on F1 2020, it also occurred in Unranked Multiplayer)

What troubleshooting did you do?

Restarting the session, as well as restarting the game but the same thing occurs.

Any screenshots or videos of the issue?

How do you make the problem happen?

From my experience you require:

  • MyTeam Mode
  • Full Season
  • Full Length Qualifying 
  • 50% Race Length
  • 104 AI Difficulty

Additional Notes:

YouTube video is Unlisted.

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