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Can't connect to multiplayer during installation pop up

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  • Whilst playing in Grand Prix mode during the instiallation process at roughly 90% installed the game started randomly showing a pop up saying that i couldn't connect to multiplayer as i was still installing the game it repeatedly did so once every 30 seconds after the first time it occured. When this pop-up appeared it didn't pause the game leaving me controlling the car whilst unable to view what was happening on track making the game borderline unplayable during that stage of instillation
  • Xbox one S
  • Grand Prix
  • I've tried to solve the issue by restarting the game/console however the issue persisted 
  • https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/captainangus101/video/140178007
  • I made the problem happen by being in a gp race (50%) at roughly 90% instiallation progress
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